Albion Park Race Results

- Thursday 16th of April 2009
Race 1 NOVICE THE NUJOOLOO STAND 520m Novice Grade 5 $3100 - $720 - $400 Splits: 5.79
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
DNF7CLASSY HEIGHTS (7)Noel Murdoch0.000.005.874$0.0030.8kgPure OctaneCLASSY ANGEL
12POWDER BLUE (2)Andrew Monaghan30.230.005.791$0.0030.8kgSurf LorianNEW GUESS
28PACKER TYCOON (8)Jeanette Cauchi30.341.755.842$0.0029.8kgBondOCEANIC TYCOON
36RUN KODIE RUN (6)Sergio Livotto30.545.005.956$0.0030.9kgROBUST CHARACTERJUST LIKE TAMMY
41MORE FURY (1)Thomas Noble30.575.505.853$0.0030.3kgNovember FuryGORGAS
54BELL'S DECANTA (4)Patricia Carrington30.606.005.955$0.0027.0kgWhisky AssassinOREO
65AZZ UNO (5)Peter Wilson30.799.006.007$0.0034.7kgPrimo UnoLEAH STANLEY
Race 2 5TH GRADE CARTWRIGHT PROPERTY GROUP 520m Grade 5 $3100 - $720 - $400 Splits: 5.86
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
17Cosmic Rumble (7)29.970.005.861$0.0033.5kgSPIRAL NIKITASPIRITUAL RUMBLE
21ZINGARA (1)30.315.505.873$0.0024.3kgJust The BestSPARKELLE BURN
36ENFORCER FRED (6)30.539.005.997$0.0032.2kgBlack EnforcerKAY CEE CHAMBERS
45BLAINE BALE (5)Tom Tzouvelis30.6410.756.128$0.0034.2kgSONIC FLIGHTEVONNE BALE
52TENDER LEE (2)Michael Thrupp30.7412.255.872$0.0029.0kgElite StateDELICATE LEE
64OH REIGN (4)30.8313.755.986$0.0035.4kgWhere's PedroOH BEHAVE
78BOZO'S A SURFER (8)Ray Gatti30.8614.255.955$0.0031.0kgSurf LorianCOONOWRIN RED
83CORSER (3)Gary Holmes30.9415.505.934$0.0034.5kgHallucinateROCKET GEAR
Race 3 4/5 GRADE BRANDONS ELECTRICAL 710m Mixed 4/5 $3300 - $790 - $430 Splits: 15.97
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
15GENISTA REIGN (5)41.900.0015.971$0.0030.6kgHallucinateSMOKEY WHISKY
26CITI HERITAGE (6)Ian Mackenzie-ross42.215.0016.444$0.0027.1kgGo Wild TeddyRAVEN POLDAR
38IRISH FANTASY (8)Garry Gilbert42.276.0016.547$0.0025.8kgPremier FantasyCARDIO SPARK
41UNO PLAY BOY (1)Helen Keep42.469.0016.495$0.0031.1kgPrimo UnoSHE CAN WHISTLE
57KILLOUGH ORCHID (7)Barry Morris42.499.5016.363$0.0026.4kgTOKEN PRINCECATUNDA SANNA
62REVERSE CYCLE (2)L Wyatt42.509.5216.708$0.0026.8kgBlack EnforcerLIL JEANIE
83POLDAR ENFORCER (3)Rachel Scott42.7713.8016.496$0.0028.8kgBlack EnforcerRAVEN POLDAR
Race 4 5TH GRADE COREY PEARCE PHOTOGRAPHY 520m Grade 5 $3100 - $720 - $400 Splits: 5.84
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
17COUNT THE DOUGH (7)Peter Ruetschi30.730.005.924$0.0031.5kgSurf LorianRUNAWAY SALLY
25LUVA DRINK (5)Ron Ball30.760.505.862$0.0033.9kgBombastic ShirazBERELLA XENA
46KILLANA GIRL (6)Cynthia Suttle30.852.005.987$0.0027.7kgSolve The PuzzleTHUNDER WITCH
54GELIGNITE KID (4)Darren Russell30.913.005.925$0.0032.6kgCollisionMISS MONEYPENNY
62OH SWEET PEE (2)Ray Gatti30.984.005.893$0.0025.8kgSurf LorianCOONOWRIN RED
73IODO (3)James Carlton31.065.256.068$0.0027.0kgBearabilityJIMBERLEE GIRL
88HIT FOR TEN (8)John Pay31.156.755.841$0.0032.8kgCollisionTEN GUN SALUTE
Race 5 5TH GRADE "GIVE ME FIVE" AT STUD 600m Grade 5 $3100 - $720 - $400 Splits: 10.14
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
16AUNTY JOAN (6)Patricia Carrington35.060.0010.233$0.0026.8kgWhisky AssassinOREO
24Classy Cha Cha (4)Noel Murdoch35.344.5010.222$0.0027.1kgCollisionCLASSY ANGEL
32VELOCITY THUNDER (2)S Ellis35.425.7510.284$0.0029.0kgFlying PenskeSUBJECTIVE LEE
48INTREPID FORCE (8)John Field35.466.5010.636$0.0033.9kgPlacardPALLARA PRINCESS
53SHE'S A PENSKE (3)Robert Giltinan35.629.0010.555$0.0027.3kgFlying PenskeFORTIFIED CABIN
61FLY CONCORD (1)Noel Murdoch35.8112.0010.141$0.0031.0kgPINDARI CONCORDFLYING CABBAGE
77Peach Bikini (7)35.9414.0010.728$0.0026.9kgWhere's PedroOH BEHAVE
89BOUNDING (5)Frederick Crowther35.9414.1110.687$0.0028.4kgBOUNDING HEARTREGAL SUMMER
Race 6 3/4 GRADE HAWKINS MEDIA SOLUTIONS 520m Mixed 3/4 $3400 - $780 - $440 Splits: 5.68
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
11EARTH QUEST (1)Thomas Noble30.170.005.681$0.0034.4kgBombastic ShirazABSOLUTE CHAOS
23GENISTA THUNDER (3)30.454.505.773$0.0030.8kgHallucinateSMOKEY WHISKY
36STRONG BREEZE (6)Reginald Hazelgrove30.464.755.732$0.0027.7kgBlack EnforcerCYCLONE CHRISSY
47Dashing Corsair (7)Dwyer Lennon30.485.005.876$0.0031.6kgMalfoyROSE FLAMENCO
68MANHATTAN (8)Darryl Trembath30.678.005.877$0.0033.8kgLINDALE BLUEMONTANA SKY
74I'M PUZZLED TOO (4)Sandra Giles30.678.055.855$0.0031.1kgSolve The PuzzleZOOM TOO
Race 7 (BEST 8) SUNDAYS AT THE EXCHANGE 600m Special Event $3700 - $960 - $660 Splits: 9.99
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
16BLACK RULER (6)Reginald Hazelgrove34.810.009.991$0.0034.6kgTOKEN PRINCECYCLONE CHRISSY
22Code (2)Robert Giltinan34.921.7510.152$0.0033.4kgTOKEN PRINCEEURO STAR
34SMART CHOICE (4)Robert Giltinan34.982.7510.295$0.0032.5kgMOST AWESOMEEUREKA DISCO
41ROYSTON RENEGADE (1)Peter Roy35.033.5010.294$0.0031.3kgFORTIFIED RUSHUNA'S PRIDE
53ON THE ROPES (3)Dianna Buxton35.348.5010.456$0.0028.3kgCollisionCLASSY ANGEL
68SEMINOLE (8)Michael Thrupp35.429.7510.467$0.0026.0kgBig Daddy CoolCALL COLLECT
77MONARCH'S MERLOT (7)Max Hay35.5311.5010.233$0.0034.5kgBombastic ShirazOBVIOUS LEE
Race 8 1/2 GRADE F.F.A. PSUDO IS COMING CLASSIC 520m Mixed 1/2 $3700 - $960 - $660 Splits: 5.79
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
11RATTLE AND HUM (1)Terence Mccarthy29.940.005.791$0.0033.9kgPrimo UnoHANSON SAPPHIRE
22COULTA BOMBER (2)Dave Irwin30.397.255.934$0.0034.4kgBombastic ShirazCOULTA TESS
34ELMA FUD (4)Christine Robartson30.498.756.027$0.0033.3kgBrett LeeROSSA ANTICO
47BLACK MONTY (7)Thomas Noble30.5710.005.842$0.0031.5kgBlack EnforcerLIL JEANIE
53ESKIMO DANCER (3)Reginald Hazelgrove30.5810.255.945$0.0034.8kgTOKEN PRINCECYCLONE CHRISSY
66KALLAN BALE (6)Tom Tzouvelis30.7713.255.976$0.0036.1kgPrimo UnoSHIQUE BALE
78LETHAL MARISKA (8)30.9616.255.883$0.0031.8kgLETHAL WEAPONMARISKA
Race 9 4TH GRADE THE "A" TEAM 520m 4 $3250 - $750 - $420 Splits: 5.66
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
18Whirly Storm (8)Reginald Hazelgrove30.200.005.722$0.0027.4kgBlack EnforcerCYCLONE CHRISSY
23DIGITAL MAGIC (3)Michelle Stella30.261.005.661$0.0030.5kgDIGITALSURPRISE ASSAULT
31BLUEY'S SPIRIT (1)$0.0032.8kgCollisionMISS HANIFY
47SHOOSTER (7)30.342.365.936$0.0032.3kgSurf LorianFUTUREX
54HEZA MENAGERIE (4)John Reimer30.565.865.854$0.0030.3kgCollisionMENAGERIE GIRL
62SHANAHAN BALE (2)Tom Tzouvelis30.616.615.885$0.0037.0kgGo Wild TeddyDYNA CAITLAN
76CARTELLO (6)John Field30.647.116.067$0.0028.0kgPlacardPALLARA PRINCESS
Race 10 5TH GRADE BIG DOG PET FOODS 520m Grade 5 $3100 - $720 - $400 Splits: 5.81
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
11WHATA SURF (1)Christine Robartson30.340.005.865$0.0032.8kgSurf LorianNEW GUESS
24SLAMMIN' SAM (4)Robert Dempsey30.512.755.811$0.0033.2kgHallucinateRUNAWAY ROSIE
36THUMPSTER BALE (6)Tom Tzouvelis30.573.755.927$0.0035.2kgBlack EnforcerFRANCESCA BALE
48BLACK BAHAMA (8)Lorraine Isles30.939.505.812$0.0033.4kgWhere's PedroHYLEENA
57MAJOR SPIRIT (7)John Pay30.949.616.008$0.0033.8kgCollisionKELLY'S SPIRIT
62CLARRIE EARLY (2)Ray Gatti30.9710.115.833$0.0028.7kgTOTALLY SERIOUSCOONOWRIN RED
73BIG BAZ (3)Graeme Greensill31.1312.615.834$0.0032.0kgWhere's PedroSWELLIGANT
85DUAL ENFORCER (5)Robert Wright31.3015.365.916$0.0033.5kgBlack EnforcerDUAL ATTACK