Albion Park Race Results

- Thursday 27th of September 2012
Race 1 NOVICE CATCH THE BUNNY SYNDICATE 520m Novice Non Penalty $3198 - $984 - $492 Splits: 0.00
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
18TEJAY'S SNIPER (8)Travis Elson30.270.000.00$3.0031.4kgNever EnoughBERELLA DIVA
22HUDLAW TILLY (2)Robert Giltinan30.442.750.00$7.0027.3kgCosmic RumbleNICELY DONE
34NOT SO SHABBY (4)Vicki Wisener30.747.500.00$7.0025.8kgSurf LorianNOT TOO SHABBY
41BLACK KHOL (1)P Southee30.9911.500.00$27.0030.6kgCollisionBUS STOP
56MORTUS MISSILE (6)Terry Mort31.0011.610.00$17.0034.4kgMogamboSTEALTHY SAL
63WITHCOTT WIZARD (3)Ryan Ayre31.1213.610.00$2.0033.2kgHigh EarnerBOGIE SKYE
77ROYAL RACER (7)31.3917.860.00$73.0029.6kgBlack EnforcerBOGIE KATE
85CRYPTIC VISION (5)Elizabeth Griffin31.4118.110.00$19.0027.5kgPremier FantasyMYSTERIOUS LEE
Race 2 BIG DOG AUSTRALIA NOVICE 520m Novice Non Penalty $3198 - $984 - $492 Splits: 5.81
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
12DRAMATIC MISS (2)Sandra Hunt30.320.005.832$2.0026.7kgKnocka NorrisBOMBER BABE
21Abundia Flyer (1)Robert Eddie30.411.505.811$20.0027.9kgWhere's PedroABUNDIA BOO
37BRUCE LORIAN (7)Robert Giltinan30.665.505.844$3.0035.8kgSurf LorianVELOCITY TRISH
49YAHOO CONTROL (6)Nicole Connell30.696.005.986$34.0030.7kgMade To SizeSHE'S THE WORD
53BROTHER SUPERIOR (3)John Hill30.777.256.127$24.0037.9kgPATH TO POWERSUPERIOR INC
64LOIS FAYE (4)Elizabeth Griffin30.807.756.188$20.0027.8kgMETICULOUSTAWNY SHIRAZ
78SNAG'S HALL (8)Lyndall Massey31.2615.005.945$22.0034.1kgEIFFELLASWEET MONROE
85TAUMALOLO (5)M Mcalister31.2615.055.843$6.0032.8kgElite StateYOU CAN TOO
Race 3 WINNING EDGE KIBBLE 5TH GRADE 520m Grade 5 $3198 - $984 - $492 Splits: 5.68
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
17BLUEBERRY CHARM (7)Lyndall Massey30.370.005.681$5.0025.8kgCollisionSTARFIRE LEE
21MAYWYN'S FUTURE (1)Robert Essex30.593.505.845$6.0031.6kgBUCKINGHAM CHUCKALOTA PACE
35Celtic Diva (5)Patrick Menary30.685.005.823$1.0026.3kgCollisionTAD SMARTER
42Mini Pod (2)Thomas Noble30.827.255.834$14.0031.1kgMade To SizeBLACK EYE DOOLEY
58SIDECAR SHOOTER (8)Michael Emery30.928.755.936$14.0031.1kgTrain A JourneyPRINCESS STANLEY
66SEEK SHELTER (6)Reginald Hazelgrove31.0010.005.998$11.0027.7kgBombastic ShirazWhirly Storm
74GO WILD DESIRE (4)Troy Okamura31.0711.255.957$37.0032.8kgGo Wild TeddyRESTLESS DESIRE
83REAL CATCH (3)Malcolm Dawson31.2313.755.772$19.0024.2kgWhere's PedroREAL MACOY
Race 4 HAWKINS MEDIA BEST 8 600m Best 8 $3198 - $984 - $492 Splits: 10.02
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
14MASTER BRUTUS (4)Paul Cauchi35.030.0010.021$1.0031.4kgMade To SizeMADAM SASH
22FASHION FLYER (2)Raymond Burman35.233.2510.375$21.0026.0kgVelocetteSKINNY MAGIC
38PURE ADRENALIN (8)Darren Russell35.284.0010.102$6.0031.5kgMade To SizeJUKEBOX JESSIE
47Uptown Diva (7)Faye Currey35.365.2510.293$4.0025.2kgEIFFELLAADIOS MAGIC
55Befitting (5)Barry Dull35.426.2510.304$6.0025.4kgMade To SizeMISTY BEAR
61Mist Opportunity (1)Patricia Carrington35.649.7510.486$29.0026.7kgBit ChiliHONEY MIST
Race 5 GIVE ME FIVE @ STUD 5TH GRADE 520m Grade 5 $3198 - $984 - $492 Splits: 5.76
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
DNF6IN AND UNDER (6)Darren Russell0.000.005.822$16.0032.4kgElite StateSOMETHING WILD
11FELIX SHIRAZ (1)Reginald Hazelgrove30.310.005.761$6.0033.1kgBombastic ShirazMINI CYCLONE
24RANDO'S ROCKET (4)Ron Ball30.675.755.906$3.0033.4kgBombastic ShirazWITHEREN'S GIRL
35Punch One Out (5)Grant Fennelly30.706.255.927$3.0026.3kgKnocka NorrisLittle Egyptian
42HOT SUNDAY (2)Renald Attard30.9810.756.018$40.0034.8kgBit ChiliSLICK HANNAH
57OUR DON (7)Bruce Linnan31.0011.005.894$4.0030.8kgCollisionSUITE TAHLIA
63STORM SURGE (3)Raymond Knudsen31.3316.255.853$11.0033.4kgCollisionNIGHT STORM
78TIGER LIFESTYLE (8)Kevin Galloway31.3616.755.905$24.0030.4kgWhisky AssassinPAW PLAY
Race 6 A TEAM STUD 4/5 GRADE 520m Mixed 4/5 $3198 - $984 - $492 Splits: 5.73
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
13POWERFUL PUZZLE (3)Max Hay30.230.005.792$6.0032.9kgSolve The PuzzleOCEANIC TYCOON
27BOGIE HIGH (7)Ryan Ayre30.321.505.803$4.0031.7kgHigh EarnerBOGIE SKYE
38FRANNI GRO GO (8)Diane Hannon30.402.755.825$3.0031.3kgCosmic RumbleMISS GRO GO
44IFS AND BUTTS (4)Paul Cauchi30.484.005.804$10.0032.7kgSolve The PuzzleOCEANIC TYCOON
52PHANTOM LION (2)John Free30.595.755.917$7.0031.3kgJust The BestCRYSTAL FIRE
66KAFRON (6)Ron Ball30.687.255.896$4.0029.1kgBig Daddy CoolULTRA SWIFT
71HAIL A MAIL (1)D Heilbronn30.717.755.918$31.0032.6kgTrain A JourneyHAY HOLLY HOCK
85BLUE STOCKADE (5)Brian Young31.1715.005.731$34.0031.7kgCollisionLIZZIE GREYSTOCK
Race 7 BRANDONS ELECTRICAL SERVICES 4/5 GRADE 600m Mixed 4/5 $3198 - $984 - $492 Splits: 9.96
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
15TWEED BAH DAY (5)35.280.0010.316$2.0031.0kgSurf LorianRematch
22MJALA RENSTAR (2)Megan Phillips35.452.759.961$14.0026.8kgPremier FantasyCOMPASSIONATE
38FIVE TO FIVE (8)Thomas Noble35.483.2510.032$3.0033.6kgGive Me FiveHOLLY BLUE
41HOT TIGER (1)Renald Attard35.838.7510.073$13.0036.0kgBit ChiliSLICK HANNAH
54Waltz With Me (4)Michael Emery35.9510.7510.518$17.0028.8kgGive Me FiveNO BOUNDARIES
63MR. BONDFIRE (3)Gary Keep35.9510.7710.285$24.0037.8kgBondSHINZO
76EDWARNA (6)Christina Harman36.0011.5210.407$12.0029.7kgTrewly SpecialROSSA ANTICO
87WAVE TO ELLE (7)Paul Cauchi36.1013.0210.274$6.0027.3kgHallucinateWAVE TO EMMA
Race 8 MACRO MEATS GOURMET GAME 4/5 GRADE 710m Mixed 4/5 $3198 - $984 - $492 Splits: 16.26
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
12TARLIE'S ANGEL (2)Bruce Linnan42.450.0016.342$3.0024.0kgCollisionSUITE TAHLIA
24Train A Lass (4)42.683.7516.736$5.0029.0kgTrain A JourneyPUZZLE LASS
37Tallow Beach (7)Peter O'Reilly42.765.0016.363$26.0029.0kgSurf LorianGLASS PLACARD
46SIZZLING SHIRAZ (6)Ken Hawkings42.826.0016.947$11.0027.6kgBombastic ShirazLEETYLA
51KEPERRA BANDIT (1)Lawrence Meteyard42.907.2516.261$2.0032.4kgMade To SizeSTAR LADY
63Tango Tapper (3)Robert Giltinan43.039.2516.545$6.0029.3kgSurf LorianNICE PORTRAIT
78CARLINFORD FROST (8)Elizabeth Griffin43.2012.0016.404$26.0035.2kgVapour WhirlFLY ON BONNIE
Race 9 SKY RACING BEST 8 520m Best 8 $5148 - $1584 - $792 Splits: 5.66
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
17Don't Knocka Him (7)Reginald Kay29.680.005.661$1.0030.6kgKnocka NorrisSurf Queen
28JACK SWAGGER (8)Thomas Noble30.3711.005.763$30.0033.6kgGive Me FiveHOLLY BLUE
31DEGAS VEGAS (1)Ron Ball30.4011.505.927$9.0033.8kgBombastic ShirazWITHEREN'S GIRL
44COOL TRICK (4)Ron Ball30.5113.255.885$8.0032.1kgBig Daddy CoolULTRA SWIFT
56COUSIN ALFIE (6)Reginald Hazelgrove30.5413.755.804$35.0033.2kgBLACK FRAMEDMAGENTA ROSE
62Special Premier (2)Reginald Hazelgrove30.6715.755.742$30.0026.9kgPremier FantasyBLONZELLA
73ASCARI (3)Grant Fennelly30.6715.865.926$15.0033.3kgPure OctaneHELLO SIENNA
Race 10 GARRARD'S HORSE AND HOUND 5TH GRADE 520m Grade 5 $3198 - $984 - $492 Splits: 5.70
Plc Rug Name (Box) Trainer Time Mgn Split In Run SP Wgt Sire Dam
11MASAI TEMPO (1)G Allen30.200.005.701$6.0029.6kgGive Me FiveLIMPET
23VELOCITY HIGH (3)Robert Giltinan30.200.115.897$1.0027.1kgHigh EarnerBOGIE SKYE
32BREEZE RIGHT BY (2)Reginald Hazelgrove30.413.365.772$18.0031.8kgTrewly SpecialSTRONG BREEZE
45SUDOKU GLIDER (5)Kieth Anderson30.504.865.865$30.0030.0kgEl GaloROSEMONT BRINDLE
58YOU AND YOURS (8)P Smith30.718.115.844$28.0030.2kgElite And ClassyWHERE ARE YOU
66MAN OF MANNERS (6)Jason Mackay30.758.865.876$4.0032.0kgElite StateFIRST STAR
74SHAZAND (4)Nicole Connell31.4519.865.813$67.0031.1kgRun's HouseOODEIM LARA
87RUBY JONES (7)G Uhrhane31.5721.865.928$18.0028.1kgGive Me FiveROMY JONES