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Date Headline
28 May 2020 Bronski Beat Causes Sandown Cup Boilover
29 May 2020 GRNSW To Increase Finish On Lure Offering
29 May 2020 Serious Object Spearheads Sensational Start
28 May 2020 Stasiak Lavish In Praise For Straight Track Cup Winner
28 May 2020 Debate Rages Over Finish On Lure Future
28 May 2020 Police Probe Karen Leek’s Tragic Murder
27 May 2020 Britton Confident Of Cartier Cup Masterclass
27 May 2020 Great Britton! Brothers Set For Cup Showdown
27 May 2020 Burman On Track For Winter Chase Riches
26 May 2020 Warm Tributes Flow For Karen Leek
26 May 2020 The Feral Produces Six Pups To Waikarie Magic
25 May 2020 Ella Enchanted Returns For Sandown Cup Redemption
25 May 2020 True Detective Set For Sandown Cup Magic Show
25 May 2020 Stewart’s Sights Set On Straight Track Cup
25 May 2020 Bendigo Introduce New Battlers Cup
23 May 2020 Catch The Thief Steals The Show In WA Derby
22 May 2020 Helen’s Brisbane Cup Quest Up In The Air
22 May 2020 Box Draw Throws Sandown Cup Wide Open
21 May 2020 Simon Told Helen Stars In Harrison-Dawson
21 May 2020 Suspense’s Stunning Track Record Debut
21 May 2020 Pick A Pascal’s Remarkable Racetrack Return
20 May 2020 Captain Dynamite Set For Sandown Cup Detonation
20 May 2020 Tommy Shelby Primed For Herculean WA Derby Task
20 May 2020 GRNSW Lift Regional Travel Restrictions
20 May 2020 Sandown Park Thursday Night Preview
20 May 2020 Cole Train! Remarkable Win Streak Comes To An End
20 May 2020 Iconic UK Greyhound Stadium Closes
20 May 2020 Jax Jumps Out Of Harrison Dawson Box
19 May 2020 Cumbria Jim Drawn To Strike In Beteasy Final
19 May 2020 Oshyer Optimistic About Winter Chase Chances
19 May 2020 Hallinan’s Faith In Zipping Garth Only Heightening
19 May 2020 Short Pork In Line For Harrison-Dawson Upset
18 May 2020 Harlewood Maintains Sandown Cup Favouritism
18 May 2020 Tornado Tears On Track For Third Sandown Cup Berth
18 May 2020 Wise Misty Whelps Eight Pups To Sennachie
17 May 2020 Johnstone’s Training Stocks Continue To Rise
17 May 2020 Day To Remember! Coles Create History At Hatrick
15 May 2020 Wentworth Park Slated For June 6 Return
15 May 2020 Oh Mickey Fast Reaching ‘Champion’ Status
15 May 2020 Sky’s The Limit For Near Record Horsham Debutant
14 May 2020 Simon Told Helen Harrison-Dawson Favourite
14 May 2020 Black Opium Sheds Group 1 Bridesmaid Tag In Style
14 May 2020 Shinners In Awe Of WA Derby Hopeful
13 May 2020 Mackay Buoyed By Mooted Wenty Return
13 May 2020 Fab Five! The Pups That Are Racing Royalty
13 May 2020 Ageless Black Impala Chasing Sandown History
12 May 2020 Apap Confident Rasheda’s On The Right Track
12 May 2020 Maggie On Verge Of Stunning Sapphire Success
12 May 2020 Bewildering’s Stud Career Begins With A Bang
12 May 2020 Canya Kick’s ‘Dashing’ Young Guns Heat Win


Progeny Record (Australasia) - Overall

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Progeny Record (Australasia) - Overall

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Progeny Record (Australasia) - Distance

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