High Demand Sees Aston Dee Bee Price Increase

Remarkable demand has seen Aston Dee Bee's stud fee increase to $3300 from September this year as the first of his stock burn up the tracks.

David Brasch

2 July 2020

ASTON Dee Bee’s stud fee will rise to $3300 from September 1.

The dog’s breeder and owner Ray Borda said this today saying he cannot keep up with the demand on the dog’s semen and needs to undertake a price rise to help protect Aston Dee Bee’s longevity at stud.

The son of Barcia Bale-Aston Elle has only a handful of starters and already Craggy Island is leading the charge to say Aston Dee Bee will be a huge success.

“There is a few reasons why I have made this decision,” said Borda.

“The first is the demand for semen.

“The second is I have always wanted to split his semen only three times from each ejaculate.

“I know some other stud dogs are providing much more opportunities for splitting than this. But, I want to make sure Aston Dee Bee gets the bitches in pup.”

Borda said he cannot believe the ongoing demand.

“I am getting a lot of repeat clients, and in June we sold 30 straws to the dog,” he said.

“Marty Hallinan rang to order a heap more semen after the first of the pups he bred by him had been educated.

“And, I’ve got 90 pups by Aston Dee Bee of my own.”

Aston Dee Bee has enjoyed a thunderous start to his stud career with his 29 pups to race starting 119 times for 25 wins and a further 38 placings.

That’s a strong strike-rate of 22 percent for the win and 53 percent for the place.