GRNSW To Increase Finish On Lure Offering

THE discord with finish-on racing will further heighten in the coming months with Geelong confirming it will revert to the catching pen from August.

Adam Dobbin

29 May 2020

THE discord with the national approach towards finish-on racing will further heighten in the coming months with Geelong confirming that it will revert to using the catching pen from August.

The move comes at a time when Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) is increasing their offering of the follow-on racing format, with Gosford and Gunnedah in the midst of receiving the necessary upgrades. 

While nominations for Geelong meetings have fallen shy of expectations – understood to be the trigger for the move – pre COVID-19 Richmond nominations signalled overwhelming support.

And it’s that support that’s seen further NSW meetings slated for the finish-on lure.

“New electric motors for lures have been installed at Richmond, Gosford and Gunnedah and we have plans in place for other venues,” GRNSW’s Chief Operating Officer Wayne Billett said.

“Grafton’s new track will get the upgrade as well and as facilities receive capital upgrades, the lure mechanism will be attended to at the same time.”

While Geelong has struggled to attract interest in more recent times, Richmond’s previously scheduled finish-on lure meetings of a Sunday were never falling short.

Debate Rages Over Geelong Finish-On Future

In fact, they were being inundated with nominations.

“NSW trainers have embraced the concept and ‘reward for effort’ is just what some dogs need (at the end of races),” Billett added.

“We can mix-and-match meetings as need be with conventional catching pen finishes and the finish-on process. Everything is up for discussion.

“Greyhounds leave here (for New Zealand) and have very successful careers and what we are trying to provide is a capacity for owners, trainers and the dog itself to get the best result.

“We are mindful it’s not a one size fits all situation but no one will be left behind.”

The new electric motors are central to the OH&S aspects of the finish-on process with immediacy over the lure’s slowing speed providing a new level of safety.

Such a strong move by GRNSW is fascinating given Victoria’s retreat and it will be interesting to see what other bodies roll with.

Discussions are ongoing between Geelong and GRV about the idea of maintaining one finish-on lure meeting a month.

But the majority view with that is that it really won’t serve a meaningful purpose.

In these uncertain times, GRNSW is taking deliberate action which should be commended.