Hadley Implores Minister To Move On GWIC

RAY Hadley has implored Minister Kevin Anderson and the NSW coalition government to disband the Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission without delay.

Adam Dobbin

17 August 2019

RAY Hadley has implored Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation Kevin Anderson and the NSW coalition government to disband the Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission without delay.

Speaking candidly on his top-rating 2GB morning radio program on Friday, Hadley delivered a blunt critique of the heavy handed approach being adopted by GWIC in its daily dealings with greyhound participants.

“The industry in NSW is at risk of being policed out of existence,” Hadley said.

“GWIC is using a whole range of people who have no interest in fairness, they’re zealots. I would implore the Minster Kevin Anderson to disband the GWIC almost immediately.”

When legislation was passed to repeal the ban on NSW greyhound racing, one of the key pillars was that the commercial and regulatory oversight would be separated.

That brought to life GWIC in July, 2018, led by Chief Commissioner Alan Brown and CEO Judy Lind.

Their first year of operations has largely led to disharmony and distrust in the participant ranks.

“The industry should be controlled by Greyhound Racing NSW … that’s what it should be controlled by on stewards and integrity issues,” added Hadley.

“But they’ve got this far reaching organisation [GWIC] they’ve put in place where some of these people think they are an arm of the NSW Police Force and have greater powers in some responses than the police in terms of search and a whole range of other things.

“Stewards in racing and harness racing however use its power judiciously, it’s not about hounding people. I’m fearful that GWIC has been put in place to do what Mike Baird couldn’t do – get rid of greyhound racing – not by legislation but rather by stealth.”

Citing countless pieces of correspondence received from disheartened and frustrated NSW greyhound participants, Hadley called on the minister to hand back the integrity reins to the commercial arm, Greyhound Racing NSW.

“It’s the only way to deal with the problem otherwise we’ll have greyhound racing in NSW gone, not through legislation but through rules that are unenforceable in the main.

“In the end, people just get sick of trying, give up and disappear.

“Smaller fields, fewer dogs being bred, and people leaving the industry because they don’t like being intimidated by people who come to their property wearing body cameras and acting like they have some sort of ultimate power over someone’s life … the vast majority of which are part-time trainers who care for their greyhounds and care for them well after retirement.”