Unlawful Entry Produces Prized Litter

VICTORIAN breeder Jay Ferguson admits to being an avid Unlawful Entry fan, enjoying huge success with a litter currently producing terrific results.

David Brasch

17 February 2020

VICTORIAN breeder Jay Ferguson admits to being an avid Unlawful Entry fan.

Unlawful Entry (Knocka Norris-She Ain’t Late) is the former Sandown track record holder and Group 1 Hobart 1000 winner who was a devastating galloper during his racing career.

Jay’s litter by him from Paw Sa Prize (Fabregas-Natural Sapphire) included nine named offspring and all are winners.

“I’ve used him three times now,” said Jay of Unlawful Entry.

“I like them because they are very good chasers, really consistent and they show a lot of early pace which is very important to me when I breed.”

The Unlawful Entry-Paw Sa Prize litter has only just turned two and in a total of 139 race starts have already won 49 times and been placed 41 times for almost $70,000 in stakes. Their winning strike-rate is a remarkable 36%.

“I’ve got a couple of very nice race dogs from the litter including Slingshot Titan which has won 11, Slingshot Style the winner of 10 and a dog called Slingshot Prince who is the strongest of them and he has won eight,” said Jay.

He has a one-pup litter from Oriental Rush which has just broken in with fine reports and a young litter from Slingshot Blitz (Barcia Bale-Sheikha) a Sandown winner whose mother won the Group 1 Paws of Thunder.

“The litter racing has only just turned two and they are continuing to improve,” said Jay.

“We are looking forward to the next 12 months with them.”